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We are a language school by vocation

Bliss.Cool teaches probably because we always enjoy a good meeting, challenges push us strongly and our mere, tireless desire to support others just attracts students. We form a solid team since we're all here either by vocation or because of... pure love (to the profession!). ;) Our portfolio consists of over two thousand satisfied students and almost two hundred trained companies. So if you also want to master a foreign language perfectly - here we are!

Dayana, Pawel and the team


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Whilst teaching, we infect students with the drive to explore the world, language, cultures, culture, science, facts, myths, stories, jokes, anecdotes, great biographies and other people. And what forms the success of Bliss.Cool is the personalisation of every teaching programme in the spirit of our motto: "We don't only teach the language - we teach the right communication".

Strzałka wstecz Strzałka naprzód

Courses for teenagers and adults

Only 1 meeting a week|Tests on-line|15 weeks a semester

For all levels, for the students willing to work on specific language skills. A made-to-measure programme for the group or tailor-made to meet the criteria of a language exam (English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Polish). 50% of the meetings is focused on communication, courses are - always and only - conducted in a language a given group studies.

Price: from 134 zł/month|Free coursebook




Gwiazdy Gwiazdy

Courses for children

(English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Polish)

From songs in the presence of a parent in the lessons for 3 year-olds through 'play and learn' in small groups of the pre-school age to the lessons of writing, reading, speaking and consolidating all the skills of communication for the children becoming the youth. Fascinating, adventurous, one of a kind, designed to validate with a certificate.

Only 1 meeting a week|Friendly summaries on-line|15 weeks a semester

Price: from 74 zł/month|Free coursebook


HOW TO ENROL - step by step:

  • Check what we provide, see if you have a concession and fill out the registration form
  • We will evaluate your language comprehension and offer the most appropriate programme
  • Then, you will be given a course plan and access details to the LangLion e-learning platform which we use to conduct our lessons
  • Before you start, a payment is required - max. 3 working days before; you'll be sent the payment details in our correspondence
  • The payments can be regulated by a bank transfer; monthly instalments are available
  • After completing the registration and formalities you will become our student - Welcome, Willkommen, Witamy! Feel welcome to visit the STUDENT'S PANEL! :)
Ask for access!


'Professional' means 'efficient'

Bliss.Cool LC has been training employees in corporations, public institutions and diplomatic posts for many years now. Our authorial lesson programmes always accomodate the specifics of the given trade's conditions and probably thanks to that the number of our business clients grows regularly. We also pay great attention to a friendly atmosphere, which improves workers' attitude - they treat this time not only like a training, but also as a stimulating chance for self-development and wellbeing.

We think - same as many experts - that money invested in a member of staff which betters his or her competences, brings back twice many benefits. The employee grows in his self-confidence feeling the support from the employer, and in return becomes a more loyal and aware team member. It's a classic 'win-win situation'.

We have an individual approach to our clients. Please, contact us regarding the offer and availability